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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Since I have known Gombos Atila through his website and weblogs, I’ve always been fascinated with gazillions of information that shows on each and every post that he (and his colleagues) make.

How did I know about him? I was trying to research about the best way I could test the ability and attitude of my Windows Defender tool and passed by Gombo’s article regarding him getting a membership in the spyware community (google “spyware community” and you will see his article is first on the list). I was surprised that he joined that community and at the same time, I thought that he really did make some sense. He said that by adding joining a spyware community during set up time of Windows Defender, it would eventually send basic info about any spying software it detects back to Microsoft. I tried applying it to my personal computer and yes, it’s working! So, after joining that spyware community that he recommended, SpyNet, I browsed through his website and voila! I think he’s now my new genius because his website is jam-packed with info on user accounts control behaviour, and how to design blog (been looking for a catchy info about this).

For you guys who are net geeks and for those who are not, visit his website and I know that you’ll be able to pick up ideas that you never thought existed.
Start here: http://www.stylishwebdesign.us/directory/