Treatment Centers

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

As a BS Psychology Graduate, I’ve been exposed to Drug Rehabilitation centers, Mental Hospitals and other Treatment Centers. I’ve seen patients of different gender, age and status in life. I still recall that one of my professors back in College confessed that she had a Drug addict brother. Although her brother refuses to go to Drug Rehab, they still pursue as she has a big hope for her brother being a professor in the Psychology area. She said that even he is her brother they still had hard time dealing him. The only way that her brother got cured is when they sent him to a Drug Treatment center. I’ve seen some of the Drug Rehab here in the Philippines; they have a simple dormitory like location. It would be best if they have recreation centers too to relieve boredom for patients / residents. We should make sure that we send our loved ones to the right center. I admire the staff of these centers providing care and love to patients. They should be awarded of such desire to bring about change to our nation and world. If every Drug addict individual undergo these types of programs, our world will be a better place to live in.